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Buy or Hire? The Top 3 Reasons why Businesses Choose to Hire a

On the fence about whether you should purchase or hire a forklift? Whether you’re a builder, developer, civil contractor, landscaper or farmer, you’re going to need a forklift for loading, offloading, and moving and stacking. But should you buy or should you hire? A vital machine, forklifts come with a hefty price tag and are generally restricted only to large businesses. But, while there are many advantages of purchasing a forklift outright, there are just as many advantages to hiring a forklift.

  1. Seasonal Flexibility – possibly the most fundamental advantage of choosing to hire a forklift is the flexibility and convenience that forklift hire has to offer, especially if you’re a farmer harvesting a few months of the year, or a construction company reliant on seasonal projects. When you hire a forklift, you don’t have to commit to a long-term plan, as most forklift rental companies offer the flexibility to rent for as little or as long as you need the forklift.
  2. Cost Effective – equipment and machinery generally come with a hefty price tag, and a new forklift can begin at around R50 000, which can be quite limiting for many small seasonal businesses. The general rule is that if you make use of a piece of specialised equipment less than 50% of the time, then you should probably hire instead of buy, and it is for this reason that many businesses choose to hire a forklift. Furthermore, when you hire, you get the option of choosing from a wide range of high-end new forklift brands that you would not be able to afford if buying new, these include Crown, Daewoo, Doosan, Hyster, Hyundai, Mitsubishi, Nichiyu, Nissan, TCM, Toyota and Yanmar.
  3. Full Maintenance Leasing – when it comes to expensive heavy machinery, if things can go wrong, they generally will, and when or if they do, you’re covered when you hire. When you hire, you’re not responsible for the maintenance and repairs, which can save you in the thousands, if not more.

It’s very important to choose the right forklift rental company who can offer you the right forklift hire at the price that you can afford, and that can be found with us at Retrolex Forklifts. Specialists in the supply, rental, parts and servicing of the leading forklift brands nationwide – we’ve been in the forklift industry for 70 years and have tailored our vast range to suit the requests and requirements of our valued and loyal clientele.

At Retrolex Forklifts, we offer our clients flexibility, convenience and affordability – simply let us know what you need and we will arrange whatever solution that works best for you and your budget.

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