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Add Value to Your Business with Unparalleled World-class Forklift Rentals in Johannesburg

An essential piece of equipment that can help to increase productivity, cut down costs and minimise downtime – forklifts are an excellent investment for any business required to move, carry, lift, stack, load, offload, and transport merchandise, fresh produce or raw materials from one location to another. But finding the right forklift rental supplier is not always easy – not only is it important that you find a forklift rental company who can offer you the right rentals agreement at the right rates, but they should also be able to offer excellent maintenance agreements, and before- and after-sales customer service. If you’re looking for forklift rentals in Johannesburg that can offer all of the above and more, then you’ve found us at Retrolex Forklifts.

We Only Supply Leading Forklift Brands

Situated in Sebenza and with more than 70 years in the forklift industry, we take great pride in ensuring that businesses reach their full potential. Led by a highly skilled team of forklift experts, we only sell and rent new and used industrious and steadfast world-class forklift brands such as Crown, Daewoo, Doosan, Hyster, Hyundai, Mitsubishi, Nichiyu, Nissan, TCM, Toyota and Yanmar.

Excellent Before- and After-sales Customer Service

As one of the leading forklift suppliers in the southern hemisphere offering the most affordable and efficient forklift rentals in Johannesburg, we’re proud of the outstanding reputation that we’ve earned over the years for reliability, quality excellence and unparalleled superior customer service. Considered as the workhorse of just about every type of industry, it’s important to understand that a forklift is not just a standard piece of lifting and moving equipment that can lift, move and stack it all – the reality is different types of forklifts serve better in different types of conditions.

As the leading suppliers of forklift rentals in Johannesburg, we understand that the incorrect forklift can not only result in an unprofessional job, but the wrong machine can also cause huge delays and unnecessary financial losses for your business, which is why it’s of the utmost importance that you rent the right machine. Taking  the budget and availability, your site conditions, operation efficiency, and what lifting capacity you will require into consideration – we will offer you the most affordable and efficient forklift rental in Johannesburg that will increase your efficiency, boost your productivity and save you money.

We Offer Forklift Rentals in Johannesburg with Option-to-buy Financing

At Retrolex Forklifts, we understand that small businesses or start-ups work with tight budgets, and whether you need a forklift for only a short period of time or are unsure of the type of model that you require, we offer forklift rentals in Johannesburg that come with a long- or short-term rental agreement, with option-to-buy financing. Subject to credit approval, we can offer you a variety of rental terms on all our 1 to 60 month forklift rental agreements, residual, and ownership options. Furthermore, we can also arrange all financing particulars, should you wish to choose our rent-to-own option.

A One-year Planned Maintenance Agreement

At Retrolex Forklifts, we understand that in your line of business, time is money, and in the event that you have a breakdown – when you rent a forklift from us, we will take care of everything, such as repairs, replacements and maintenance. Possibly one of the greatest perks of forklift rentals is the fact that when your forklift breaks down, you don’t pay, we do! In fact, our technicians will be there in 4-hours to attend to your emergency breakdown, at our expense. How is this possible? Well, with the aim to minimise costs and maximise performance, we offer an affordable planned maintenance agreement that offers fixed and reduced labour costs for one year.

6-month Warranty on Replacement Parts and Forklift Accessories

While all our forklift rentals in Johannesburg are subject to a complete quality and mechanical check after each rental contract, they are also furnished with a 3-month or 200-hour warranty that guarantees a safe and reliable service. Additionally, we also offer a 6-month warranty on all our replacement parts and forklift accessories

For unparalleled world-class forklift rentals in Johannesburg, when you partner with us, you partner with a forklift supplier in Johannesburg that brings value to your business. To find out more about our forklift rentals in Johannesburg, contact us today. We look forward to helping your business grow!

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