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Electric Nichiyu Forklifts for Hire for Indoor and Outdoor Hazardous Conditions

Starting a new business is tough which is why forklift hire is a smart choice for those that are concerned about capital. In fact, there are many businesses that turn to forklift hire, rather than investing in a new one. While you may have already decided that hiring is the right option for you, you may still be on the fence about what make and model is right for you.

While many are under the impression that a forklift is just a standard piece of lifting equipment that can do everything from A to Z, the truth is that a forklift is a tailored piece of lifting equipment built for the end user’s specific needs. No forklift can meet every need, which is why when it comes to choosing the right forklift for your needs, careful consideration is always required. Choosing the right forklift make and model is an important decision to make, as it can affect everything from efficiency and safety, to operation costs and stock management, which is why many small to large businesses that work in hazardous conditions opt for a Nichiyu forklift for hire.

About Nichiyu Forklifts

When it comes to operating a forklift in risky areas, you can always trust Nichiyu forklifts to keep your business running smoothly and your staff safe. For over 35 years, the Japanese “Nippon Yusoki Company” (Nichiyu) has been manufacturing forklifts at the highest standards and has built a credible reputation as the superior choice for electric forklifts that are used in hazardous environmental conditions. An extremely powerful workhorse and unique on the market, Nichiyu forklifts are specifically designed for adverse weather conditions. Even more impressive, Nichiyu forklifts boast a savings of 59% when compared to diesel forklifts, and a 72% savings when compared to gas forklifts.

About Retrolex Forklifts

While it’s important to choose the right Nichiyu forklift for your needs, choosing the right forklift supplier is just as important. Situated in Sibenza and with more than 70 years in the forklift industry, we take great pride in ensuring that businesses reach their full potential. As one of the leading forklift hire suppliers in the southern hemisphere, we’ve earned an outstanding reputation by supplying and hiring new and used forklifts that include world-class brands such as Crown, Daewoo, Doosan, Hyster, Hyundai, Mitsubishi, Nissan, TCM, Toyota, Yanmar and Nichiyu forklifts.

We Offer a Forklift Rental Agreement with Option-to-buy Financing

At Retrolex Forklifts, we offer a variety of rental terms on all our 1 to 60 months Nichiyu forklift for hire agreements, residual and ownership options, and we can also arrange all your financing for you, subject to credit approval of course. Furthermore, all our Nichiyu forklifts for hire are subject to a complete quality and mechanical check after each rental contract, and are also furnished with a 3-month or 200-hour warranty, guaranteeing a safe and reliable service. Additionally, we also offer a 6-month warrantyon all our replacement parts and forklift accessories, and we also structure an affordable planned maintenance agreement that offers fixed and reduced labour costs for one year. Should you have a breakdown in your Nichiyu forklift rental, our technicians will be there in 4 hours to attend to your emergency breakdown.

To find out more about our Nichiyu forklift for hire rates, plans and agreements, contact us today.

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