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Partner with Retrolex Forklifts for Toyota Forklift Rentals, Parts and Spares

The commercial and industrial sector in South Africa has witnessed incredible growth over the years, which has led to a huge demand for costly equipment and machinery. The workhorse of just about every type of industry, forklifts are indispensable machines that many businesses simply cannot do without. Unfortunately, forklifts don’t come cheap, and while a used forklift can start from anywhere around R50 000 and over, a new forklift can start anywhere from around R100 000, which can be quite restricting for many small and marginal businesses.

Nowadays, there are many businesses that choose to rent rather than to buy, and whether it’s because they always want to keep up with the latest state-of-the-art forklift model, they want to preserve capital, they want flexibility in case their needs change, or they only plan to use their forklift for short periods of time – forklift rentals just make better financial sense.

If you are in need of a superior quality forklift and are looking for a supplier to partner with that is as invested in your business as you are, then turn to Retrolex Forklifts in Gauteng for Toyota forklift rentals, parts and spares.
Synonymous with intelligent solutions and boasting a history of excellence and leadership, Toyota is not only the world leader in forklift sales, Toyota forklifts are also ranked as the very best. Associated with safety innovation, technical innovation, durability, reliability, value and quality – we provide the South African commercial and industrial sectors with state-of-the-art Toyota forklift rentals, parts and spares.

We Offer a Toyota Forklift Rentals Agreement with Option-to-buy Financing

Situated in Sibenza and with more than 70 years in the forklift industry, we take great pride in ensuring that businesses reach their full potential through our Toyota forklift rentals, parts and spares. As one of the leading forklift suppliers in the southern hemisphere with an outstanding reputation, not only do we offer new and used long-term and short-term forklift rentals, but we also offer option-to-buy financing. An attractive aspect for small businesses or start-ups that don’t have the capital to invest – we offer a variety of rental term options that range from 1 to 60 months. Furthermore, we can also arrange the financing.

A 1-year Full Maintenance Leasing Agreement

At Retrolex Forklifts, we understand that in the warehousing, building and construction industry time is money, and should you experience a breakdown of one of our Toyota forklifts, we will take care of everything, such as repairs, replacement parts and spares. With the aim to minimise downtime and maximise performance, we offer all our short-term and long-term rental clients an excellent full-maintenance leasing agreement that offers fixed and reduced labour costs for one year. Should you breakdown, our expert technicians will be there within 4 hours to attend to your emergency, and if we are not there within 4 hours of receiving your call, you will receive a 50% discount on your monthly maintenance portion of your agreement. What’s more, you only pay us when you actually use our service. If you don’t use our service, then there is no monthly cost to you.

Furthermore, when you rent a Toyota forklift from us, you will never have to concern yourself with the logistics of inferior and unsafe equipment. Committed to providing all our new and existing customers with a world-class rental service, all our Toyota forklift rentals are subject to a complete quality and mechanical check after each rental contract, and are also furnished with a 3-month or 200-hour warranty, guaranteeing a safe and reliable service.

6-month Warranty on Replacement Parts and Spares

At Retrolex Forklift, we understand that your forklift plays an important role in the success of your business, which is why we also offer a 6-month warranty on all our replacement parts and spares, which also includes labour. We also supply and fit forklift tyres for just about every forklift make and model.

For a comprehensive range of the highest quality forklift brands that include Crown, Daewoo, Doosan, Hyster, Hyundai, Mitsubishi, Nichiyu, Nissan, TCM, Yanmar and Toyota – contact us today.  Our team of experts is always standing by to help you rent or buy the best quality forklift for the job. When you only need it once or twice, rent it from us.

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