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Forklift Hiring Services in Gauteng - Retrolex Forklifts

When to Make Use of Forklift Hiring Services in Gauteng

Making use of the affordable forklift hiring services in Gauteng as available from our company holds several benefits of which some are briefly discussed below.

Always Available

Although you may have enough forklifts for your normal operations, there are peak times and having to purchase equipment just for these periods may not make financial sense. Renting the forklifts will help to keep capital layout to a minimum and provide you with the added capacity needed during the peak season when you have higher than normal volumes. As such, you save on insurance, maintenance and interest expenses associated with ownership

Forklift Hiring Services in Gauteng

Replacement Equipment

Even though the forklifts you can purchase from our offices in Gauteng are highly reliable, breakdowns can still occur. This is especially true if you still have older equipment. In such instances, you will want temporary replacements to minimise loss of productivity and this where making use of hiring services is especially beneficial.

No Large Capital Layout

Cash-flow management is one of the main priorities for any business. If you are concerned about the large capital layout required for investment in forklifts you can rent and thus keep the capital available for business growth. With rental you have a monthly tax deductible and thus also save on tax expenses.

Access to the Latest Models

It is not always possible to upgrade equipment, because of the capital layout required. You may also want to avoid financing equipment in order to minimise interest payments. However, you will be stuck with older equipment breaking down more often, while your competitors work with the latest available models. To keep a competitive edge, even if you run a smaller warehouse, renting the latest model forklift is the answer.

Once-off Projects

Buying a forklift for a once-off project and then selling it afterwards means financial loss. The vehicle depreciates in value once it is pre-owned and consequently you will add a considerable amount to the project cost if you buy instead of rent. With a once-off project it definitely makes sense to rent as the costs of insurance, maintenance and ownership don’t apply and you can rent it only for the period needed. Purchasing the equipment means having limited applications. As comprehensive as the functions of a forklift can be, each forklift is designed for particular applications. When renting the unit you can select one that is purpose-built for your particular project.

Just a few words on safe operation:

  • Allow only qualified operators to drive the forklifts.
  • Operators should wear the relevant safety clothing, including safety shoes and hats, reflector jackets and avoidance of any loose apparel that can get stuck in moving parts.
  • Operators must only operate the equipment sober and with grease-free hands to avoid slips and accidents.
  • Conduct routine equipment pre-drive checks such as assessment of steering, tyres, brakes and controls.
  • Keep the end goal in mind when picking up a load. Though it may be easy to pick up the load, the stacking or placement must also be possible from a comfortable and safe position.

We offer affordable and comprehensive forklift hiring services in Gauteng, giving you more choices and thus the ability to reduce operation costs.

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