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Forklift for Hire Value-adds

Value adds you should be asking about when you hire a forklift

There are many forklift for hire companies in Johannesburg and even nationally, however they do vary in a number of different ways. Some offer many value-adds and benefits to using their services while others offer very few. So when you’re trying to make a decision on which forklift to hire company to use, ask them whether they offer the following:

Forklift for Hire Value-adds

Forklift for Hire Value-adds

1. Breakdown response time is key to keep your business running smoothly. If the forklift you have hired should breakdown you need to be able to contact the company you have hired from 24/7, 365. Nothing more than a 6-hour response time should be expected. Factories don’t sleep and nor should your forklift for hire company.

2. Free Safety Checks. A forklift for hire company should conduct free safety checks on all their forklifts before being hired out. This is not a cost that the renter should cover.

3. Spare part sourcing. The forklift company should guarantee availability of  forklift parts when the need arises.

4. Same day forklift for hire availability. There are a few forklift for hire companies that will bend over backwards in order to get a forklift to you in the shortest amount of time. These companies are really the ones you should be looking at. The turnaround time of receiving a forklift for hire should not be more than 6 hours (depending on your location and finance approval)

5. Arrangement of finance for your forklift agreement. A forklift for hire company that is able to arrange finance and assist with any finance approval generally is very reputable and understands the need for quick and efficient service. Some companies however don’t offer assistance with this which can be quite a daunting task when doing it on your own.

6. The agreement should cover the cost of maintenance and repairs. A forklift rental agreement that you sign should cover the cost of maintenance and repairs. Read through your contract carefully to make sure that this is included, as some forklift for hire companies may expect you to carry the cost of repairs to the forklift hired.

Further value adds to look out for that may be quite useful, include the following:

(These may be charged for depending on which provider but at least you know they are available should the need arise)

  • Are forklift drivers available to hire and at what cost?
  • Is fuel included?
  • Is delivery of the forklift offered and at what cost?
  • Is there an emergency number to call should you need breakdown service for your forklift?

As mentioned above forklift for hire companies vary in the level of services and value-adds that they offer so it’s a good idea to ask about these before deciding on which provider to use.

What is however paramount is that you partner with a forklift for hire company that offers the expected services, as well as bonus features such as the services listed above. This will help to save your business much time and money in the long run.

Retrolex Forklifts is one such company and is a leading forklift hire company in Johannesburg. For the best service and prices contact Retrolex Forklifts today.

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